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Tom French

Tom French challenges the “old dogs/new tricks” philosophy. Degreed in Music Education from Ithaca College, Tom spent many years as a pianist/ accompanist/ conductor on numerous
shows and national tours. After coming off the road, Tom spent a decade as a music teacher/performing arts coach at Glenelg Country School in MD before “retiring” in the early 2010’s.

Seeking to check items off his “bucket list,” Tom earned his Personal Training cert from NASM and injured himself very soon thereafter. Part of Tom’s recovery included rehabilitative stretching, reawakening in him his love of anatomy and body-mechanics. Tom began “collecting” stretching modality certifications—he now holds five—and that part of him that’s still a teacher wants to educate everybody about stretching.

An avid cyclist, Tom lives in upper NW, DC with his husband and two pitbulls. (Yes, he stretches his dogs.)